Who I Am & What I Do

I draw primarily from personal experience; recovering from spinal surgeries, years of dance and regularly exploring and receiving bodywork. So much of my passion for this work, what I've learned and how I apply it is thanks to my own journey. 


I was born and raised in Montreal and also spent several years living in Calgary where I graduated as a registered massage therapist in 2009. Inspired by lifestyle and nature, I made my way further west in 2017 and landed in Victoria (my idea of Canadian paradise). 


My fascination with how our bodies can heal through touch led me to grow my repertoire of certified modalities over time.

I learned that the most profound healing comes from a broad, multi-disciplinary understanding of the body and all of its anatomies.

Combining modalities can be very effective, so you will often find me weaving them, providing a session that is unique and specifically tailored to your needs.


I have worked in both clinical and high-end spa environments. I am able to tend to a wide range of conditions, and have experience with children, elderly, prenatal, first-time and seasoned clients. I specialize in embodiment; heightening awareness around your body's ability to self-heal. The benefits of working in this manner are profound and long-term.

If you believe in a holistic approach to massage therapy and are committed to wellness; welcome. 


You are in caring hands.