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Who I Am & What I Do

I draw primarily from personal experience; recovering from major spinal surgeries, years of dance and regularly exploring and receiving bodywork. So much of my passion for this career, what I've learned and how I apply it, is thanks to my own journey. 


I was born and raised in Montreal and also spent several years living in Calgary where I graduated at the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy (CCMH) in 2009. Inspired by lifestyle and nature, I made my way to Victoria in 2017. 


My fascination with how our bodies can heal through touch has led me to grow my toolbox of certified modalities over the years; adding Reiki, Thai table massage, Reflexology and Craniosacral therapy. I also love to play with aromatherapy and crystals, as a way to enhance each experience. 

I learned that the most profound healing comes from a broad, multi-disciplinary understanding of the body and all of its anatomies.

Combining modalities can be very effective, so you will often find me weaving them, providing a session that is unique and specifically tailored to your needs.


I have worked in both clinical and high-end spa environments. I am able to tend to a wide range of conditions, and have experience with children, elderly, prenatal, first-time and seasoned clients. I specialize in embodiment; heightening awareness around your body's ability to self-heal. The benefits of working in this manner are profound and long-term.

If you believe in a holistic approach to massage therapy and are committed to wellness; welcome. 


You are in caring hands.

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