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What Clients Are Saying

As I am 66, I have had a good deal of massages throughout my life and I have never experienced anything like my sessions with Krystel. She is truly gifted. Her beautiful energy and her masterful methods are all about healing and soothing, She is intuitive and knows exactly what is required. I am always left speechless at the end of a session, it is so powerful! I cannot say enough good things about her and her abilities. Say yes. She is magic.

Cathy Fern Lewis - Sooke, BC

I’ve been a bodyworker for many years and I can honestly say the best massage I’ve ever had has been from Krystel. Her work is so much more than just a massage or just a Craniosacral session. It’s an invitation to dive deep into self. Krystel’s years of experience combined with her gift of intuitively knowing what each client needs, make her work so special. She’s a grounded beautiful soul and I so highly recommend her.

Kari Toft - Vancouver, BC

I highly recommend!! I’ve had many treatments with Krystel and every time I walk out of a treatment from her I feel absolutely blissful. She’s very intuitive and knows what she is doing.

Victoria Jean Harbottle - Calgary, AB

Have had a few massages now with Krystel Gauthier - regular massage, Thai massage and reflexology. I usually get 1 1/2 hour massage and have started getting a combination of a couple of these different massages in one session. Krystel is so lovely and welcoming. Highly recommend to anyone wanting to treat themselves to a beautiful massage.

Joanne Colwell D'Eramo - Colwood, BC

I have enjoyed a number of massages with Krystel, a lovely, caring person. Her massages are thorough, relaxing and very calming. Indulge in the many modalities offered by Krystel.

Jeanne Fletcher - Highlands, BC

Krystel is one of the best massage therapists I’ve ever seen!  She is extremely skillful in a range of modalities and is happy to personalize her massage for every session.  But it’s the experience she creates that makes her massage so remarkable.  Her obvious love of massage comes through with every session.  She creates a space of nourishing care and each massage feels like a unique and personal journey of relaxation!


Added to this is the amazing convenience of home service.  She is always professional, friendly, and a ray of sunshine from when she arrives to when she leaves.  Krystel is a rare find and I can’t recommend her enough!

Jeff Kuipers - Victoria, BC

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